Welcome to the Power of Light Institute.

The Power of Light Institute is offering a new vision for the human inner journey. This Inner Work is a holistic approach that aims to bring transformation in our lives, so we can actualize our true potential.

The Power of Light Work focuses on the unfoldment of the human being in every level, including the psychological and the spiritual dimensions. It embraces all manifestations of our existence, from the earthly to the psychic plane – from instinct to intellect, to intuition.

Using specific tools such as meditation, channeling, grounding, bodywork, psychotherapy and Diamond Consciousness work, we awaken and liberate ourselves from old patterns – imprints of the past that keep us trapped in our personality – so we can finally meet our Authentic Self.

The Power of Light Work invites us to a soul journey that brings us in touch with the beauty of the inner and outer reality. We align ourselves with the highest intention that will lead us to our true purpose in life.

The Power of Light Institute offers an education program in Intuitive Spiritual Psychotherapy and Essence.


New book from Vedanta: The Structure of …

New book from Vedanta:   The Structure of the Self: Psychological and Essential Dimensions of the Complete Human Being Conscience is the fire that motivates us to integrate the disparate parts of the Self into a unified whole. We are all born with an innate structure that seeks to be met with bonding...

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