Nikolaos was born in 1974 in Santa Barbara, California and lived his early years between Santa Barbara and Rethimnon, Crete. He played basketball at the university level in the US and briefly played professionally in Greece. He also worked as a manager for professional basketball players in Europe and the US for several years.

Nikolaos has a Master's degree in Educational Psychology from Azusa Pacific University in California, and has worked as a counselor for children with disabilities at a private institution and at a junior high school, both in California.

He now lives in Athens, Greece and has been training with Vedanta since 2012, shifting his orientation to working with adults. He is an Essence teacher in training in the Diamond Logos Academy in Greece and a facilitator in the Power of Light Institute. He works as an individual and group therapist, specializing in working with the Inner Child, Bioenergetics and Essence work. He also has an affinity for archetypal dream work and Ancient Greek mythology and philosophy. Nikolaos is also an assistant and main collaborator with Vedanta in the translation, compilation and editing of her written work.

His passion and orientation is toward experiencing Essence at the body level, grounding and blending the celestial with the worldly to manifest the magic of everyday life, remembering our divine heritage as children of the earth and of the starry sky.

Nikolaos offers sessions in:
Working with the inner child
Bioenergetics and Essence

For info and session bookings please send an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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